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Libros de Jordi Sierra I Fabra (3 libros)

Querido Hijo: Estas Despedido

Libro Querido Hijo: Estas Despedido

"Miguel is a careless boy who leaves everything out of place, breaks whatever is in his path, and doesn't obey his parents. Tired, they decide to give him a month to look for a place to live: they have fired him. Time passes, Miguel doesn't listen, and he suddenly finds himself in the street with nowhere to go, and with a profound regret for not having listened to his parents. A tale in which the author offers a critical yet funny look at the relationship between parents and lazy, irresponsible children who wear them out. "

Soledades de Ana

Libro Soledades de Ana

Ana makes a fatal mistake of unprotected sex and becomes pregnant. She finds herself alone in a circle of hypocrisy and small mindedness.

Cuentos para niños que creen en marcianos

Libro Cuentos para niños que creen en marcianos

Seven science fiction stories explore encounters between humans and extraterrestrials, space exploration, the planets, and related topics and reveal the effects that knowing other worlds and their inhabitants might have on humankind.